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Focus on Edge of Technology

A Comprehensive and Practical Tool for PVT Experts

PVT Pro as one of the MIS Technology Center’s developed software, is applied for calculation of reservoir fluid properties. Application of updated empirical relationships and thermodynamic equations as well as a user-friendly graphical interface make PVT Pro an advanced tool for reservoir fluid characterization.

Interactive Package for Monitoring Drilling Parameters

Development of mud-logging software (ML Pro) was initiated by an extensive survey on the platforms available in the market and looking into their advantages and disadvantages. Thereafter, based on the knowledge and experience of MIS Technology Center specialists, ML Pro was natively designed. Such a design has the major benefit of customizability, and all the required parameters can be added to the software. By use of up-to-date and efficient software development technologies, ML Pro has the advantages of considerable computational speed and user-friendly graphical display.

Powerful Package for Design and Analysis of Centrifuge Experiment

Centri Pro Software, designed and developed by MIS Technology Center experts, is well-suited for managing core-lab centrifuge apparatus as well as analyzing the obtained volumetric data. Centri Pro uniquely provides an automated image-capturing and processing famework for centrifuge apparatus in order to obtain an implicit estimation of relative permeability (Kr) and capillary pressure (Pc) curves.

A Practical and Versatile Tool for Generating Word-Document Reports from Excel Data

Report Pro software, which is designed and developed in MIS Technology Center, is used to quickly generate Word-document reports from available Excel data. When there are numerous Excel files, such as the case in Core Laboratories wherein each apparatus creates its own file for each plug sample, manually generating document reports will be exhausting and extremely time-consuming. Report Pro automatically creates the final Word report in a few minutes. All the selected items in the Excel files, including charts, tables and pictures, are duplicated to the document file with the desired arrangement.