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The first one can get raw data from centrifuge apparatus, and extract picture, RPM and other variables from them. Also, it manages the experiment’s properties and saves all data in local computer or server database. The second module loads the experiment’s data and can get volumes of pictures by image processing and determine special properties of the reservoir rock (relative permeability and capillary pressure model). Also, it can generate a report of all input data and analysis results.

Data Management

Experiment and plug information are stored in data-base

Data integration and management

Connect to Apparatus

Centri Pro is linked to apparatus camera

Captures and saves snapshots of graduated tube

Capturing strategy is defined by the user

Online Image Viewing

Online illustration of captured snapshots

Flexible image capturing intervals

Manual image capturing

Image Processing

Image quality enhancement

Automatic volume detection

kr & Pc Estimation

Centrifuge experiment is replicated

kr & Pc estimation from automated history matching

kr & Pc estimation from analytical models

Comprehensive Reporting

Plug and fluid properties

Analyzed and raw data

Tables and charts

Kr and Pc curves